Student Safety & Wellness Micro-Course

RY Inc. is now offering Student Safety and Wellness Training for students in grades 6-12. These powerful, engaging, and brief video courses have been hand-selected by our master-level prevention experts and are carefully aligned with the Reconnecting Youth and CAST prevention programs as well as the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning.

Engaging and Age-Appropriate

Short, age-appropriate courses feature diverse peer presenters, so all students can more easily connect with each lesson.

Helpful Teacher Resources

Lesson plans, discussion questions, activities, and assessments are included with each course module.

Modular Course Design

Each course includes a full version, as well as 4-9 standalone micro-courses (5–10 minutes each), so you have the flexibility to assign courses to individual students, use in a facilitated group setting, or add to your existing Health, prevention or SEL curriculum.

Supported by Dedicated Experts

Purchase access to all courses and use only what you need. Engage with a prevention expert dedicated to your site to help select courses, suggest use cases, answer questions and align learning with your students’ needs.

Course Categories

(with 4-9 Video Micro-Courses in each)

  • Alcohol, Drug & Vaping Prevention

  • Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Youth Suicide Awareness

  • Depression

  • Good Decision Making

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Resolving Disagreements

  • Stress & Anxiety

Contact us for more information or to purchase access for your students. We are excited about what the future can bring, and we’re here for you!