Facilitator Materials

A Curriculum set is required at the Facilitator Training and must be purchased separately from the Training. To order Curriculum separately from a training, visit either the Reconnecting Youth Program Order page  or the CAST Program Order Page.

Both the RY Curriculum Set and the CAST Curriculum Kit have each been updated in 2020, and now come with digital and printed tools to aid in program delivery in any setting: virtual, in-person or blended.

Student Materials

Student Materials are consumable and often important for program graduates to keep to remember the skills and support gained in their time in group. Please budget for one per youth participant.

Our Student Materials are now sold individually, for your convenience. For those who prefer a digital option, both the RY Student Workbook and the CAST Student Notebook are also available in a pdf fillable format. A cost-saving option for larger implementation sites is the NEW Unlimited Access Digital License, sold in either 6-month or 1-year lengths.

Classroom Materials

All classroom materials are included with each NEW Curriculum purchase! If you are missing a poster or wish to have one of the teaching aids in a digital format, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Evaluation Materials

Evaluation is an essential component of program implementation and a critical step in sustaining your program, including future funding. We can assist you in planning and budgeting for evaluation. Read more about your options on the Evaluation page.

Outcome Evaluation

These are evaluation tools that measure the desired changes in your students. Outcome evaluation answers the question, “Did the program work to help the students achieve the intended goals?”

As part of our 2020 updates, access to an online pre- and post-program survey is now included with each NEW Curriculum purchase! For a small fee, these de-identified data can be collected, matched, and analyzed by our Evaluation Team. Customer-specific reports will then be submitted back to you for your use. Of course, customers wishing to continue to analyze their own data can continue to do so.

Process Evaluation

These are evaluation tools that measure the fidelity of program delivery. Process evaluation answers the question, “Was the program delivered as designed?” We highly recommend (and many funders require) measuring your program fidelity.

  • Fidelity monitoring tools are included in the CAST Student Notebook and integrated into several lessons in the CAST Program. For guidance in the analysis and use of these tools, please join the Coordinator Training.
  • Please contact us for fidelity monitoring options for the Reconnecting Youth Program.