RY & CAST Program Training

Facilitator Training Series (for RY or CAST)

The Facilitator Training Series prepares adults to deliver the Reconnecting Youth (RY) or CAST Program to a group of youths. Facilitator Training now includes an annual subscription to our new state-of-the-art Learning Portal!

This foundational training is a blended-learning experience, including independent, self-paced and interactive lessons as well as live online, cohort-based webinars with practice and feedback. Expect approximately 6 hours of independent, online learning, plus a series of three 2-hour live online training sessions. View a Sample Agenda.

The Facilitator Training Series includes:

  • RY or CAST Program theory
  • Exploration of the prevention model
  • Breakdown of lesson structure

  • Interactive overview of the entire curriculum

  • Video examples of successful use of all program components

  • Practice activities with immediate and personalized support and feedback

This empowering training experience leaves participants feeling competent and confident in implementing the RY or CAST Program as designed.

Each training participant is required to have a Reconnecting Youth Curriculum Set or CAST Curriculum Kit at training.

Recertification: Pro Facilitator License (for RY or CAST)

Recertification serves as a Training Booster to minimize “drift” from implementation fidelity. After the initial training year, recertify your prevention providers as RY/CAST Pro Facilitators with an annual subscription to the Learning Portal and all the associated resources.

Gain immediate access to updates and continue to utilize the Media Library, free webinars, event announcements, learning community, and more.

Coordinator Training (for RY or CAST)

A Coordinator should be assigned to supervise your RY or CAST Facilitator(s) and support your program to ensure implementation fidelity.  Coordinator Training prepares participants for important supportive tasks related to building infrastructure, coaching, supervision and sustaining programming.

Successful completion of the Facilitator Trainingis a prerequisite for participation in the Coordinator Training. Select one (or more) of your trained Facilitators to complete this advanced training on behalf of the team. If you are a “team of one”, then you should complete both the Facilitator and Coordinator Trainings.

Coordinator Training covers how to:

  • Use program-specific coding and supervision tools
  • Give and receive feedback related to classroom instruction

  • Build community partnerships and infrastructure

  • Identify, select, and recruit youth participants
  • Anticipate and respond to common challenges to program fidelity
  • Utilize process evaluation tools to provide data-based guidance to your team

Coordinator Training can be scheduled at your convenience. Contact us to set one up now!


Wow! Best training ever!

—Philadelphia, PA
[Trainer] is an astonishingly professional educator. Makes me want to keep doing this for years to come.

—Training Participant, Chisholm, MN

This was, by far, one of the best, most informative, most interesting and most motivating trainings I’ve ever been to!

—West Springfield, MA

An awesome tool for helping kids. Well presented, fabulous job! The [CAST] curriculum has great structure, activities, themes, and use of support teaching.

—Seattle, WA

This training has stretched me to think and feel more than I have in a long time.

—Eugene, OR

I was nervous, but it turned out to be so valuable. Truly outstanding!! I can’t wait to begin. I believe in [RY].

—Laguna, NM

Valuable experience. The training ensured that we are immersed in practical theory. I really “got involved” with the content through the experience.

—Tulare Co., CA

This training is absolutely invaluable in implementing RY. I am so totally pumped to start this program in the spring.

—Las Vegas, NV

Top notch! Really terrific training.

—Odessa, TX
[Trainer’s] use of humor made this training awesome! She kept professional but very interesting. Really showed she knows her stuff and is a master! Appreciated her use of personal experience.

—Training Participant, DeFuniak Springs, FL
[Trainer] was exceptional. He was so good at keeping us together and showing support in an authentic way. He modeled the desired behaviors through and through.

—Training Participant, Eugene, OR

This was an extremely helpful training process. If I didn’t go through it, I’m not sure I could implement CAST at my site. Great training!

—Rapid City, SD

This was an incredibly powerful training and I am leaving excited to use what I learned!

—Victoria, BC

The training activities were very specific and transferable to the classroom. I learned so much! It also helped with peer bonding (with colleagues).

—So. St. Paul, MN

Excellent training and curriculum! I appreciate participating in the lessons and having the opportunity to experience CAST within the context of training.

—Hannibal, MO

Without this [training] I don’t feel that we would be nearly as ready to implement the CAST group…Very necessary!

—Augusta, ME

This training provided me with a lot more insight of what the [RY] program is about and highlighted it’s not a place where students can just vent, but come to learn skills on how to be better students/citizens.

—Sanford, ME
[Trainer] has a calm presence, but also created a sense of excitement. I think it is her genuine love for what she teaches. She really believes in these programs!

—Training Participant, Binghamton, NY
I love how the [CAST] program is set up. It takes the guesswork out of it. Love how it is designed so that the Materials (e.g., posters) can be used over and over.
—Box Elder, MT

This was probably the most enjoyable AND productive P.D. [Professional Development] I have ever attended. It was relaxed but maintained an extremely productive flow.

—Waterford, MI

This has opened my eyes to many ideas. I’m looking forward to beginning the 1st group!

—Victoria, BC

You should all wine and dine [Trainer] and make sure you keep her on staff for a long, long time. She is fabulous!

—Training Participant, San Antonio, TX

Any program, lesson, workshop, in-service, meeting is only as strong as the leader. [Trainer] is the most dynamic presenter I’ve had the pleasure to work with the past 20 years. Very well prepared — obvious enthusiasm. She not only knows RY materials, but she also represents it personally.

—Training Participant, Elmore City, OK

No fluff! This was amazing. RY for life!

—Visalia, CA
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