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Reconnecting YouthA peer group approach to building life skillsLearn More
CASTCoping and Support Training – A Road Map for Teen GroupsLearn More
Family Engagement ProgramFor Caregivers of RY & CAST YouthLearn More
CAST for Today’s Student AthletesCoach-To-Athlete Trainings that Model Respect & Promote Healthy RelationshipsLearn More
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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for families by improving schools, building communities, and changing lives. RY Inc. trains communities, agencies, and school districts in promoting healthy lifestyles for youth and adults.

Reconnecting Youth (RY) & Coping and Support Training (CAST) have been implemented in communities throughout the United States as well as internationally (in Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, and Spain) and have been recognized by the US Department of Education and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and Administration as  “Legacy” Model Programs.  Reconnecting Youth, CAST and Family Engagement programs continue to be implemented in an estimated 3,000 settings annually. Several states, including California, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, and Texas have adopted RY and/or CAST as evidence-based programs, recommending them to mental health and drug and alcohol prevention agencies, school districts, faith-based partners, and other youth-serving agencies.
Our evidence-based programs can be implemented as a Tier 2 or a Tier 3 intervention within the MTSS and PBIS frameworks, depending on how you select your participants. Students who participate in either RY or CAST will demonstrate positive changes in School Connectedness, Mood Management, Suicide Risk Behaviors and Drug Use Control (including staying drug free). 


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What Students Have to Say About Reconnecting Youth & CAST

CAST is helping me to slow down before I act. I still get mad and all, but I am slowing down and trying to do the right thing.

—Hannibal, MO

RY has helped me to work out my problems and stop running from them. RY has taught me how to open up to people about my problems.

—Cherokee, NC

Now graduation feels possible to me.

—Summit Co., CO

I learned a lot in the RY class. I have much better self-esteem since the class started. I am less mad at times. I think about things before I do it.

—Morrow Co., OH

As of [this week], I will be clean for 4 months! RY helped me to be where I am today. I have got my mom and dad’s respect back. RY is a very good program.

—Swain Co., NC

I followed the STEPS and walked away to calm down instead of arguing with my mom. We are getting along better now!

—Hannibal, MO

RY helped me to . . . think about how my actions, whether good or bad, will and can affect those around me that care.

—Essex, NY

This group has made a big turnaround. I feel like no one is going to question what I say now – and that it will stay here.

—Portland, ME
[In RY] I have learned how to let go and how to start to deal with problems. I know that will help me in the future.

—Sparta, OH

I’ve really enjoyed participating in RY. It’s one of my favorite classes I’ve ever had. It was a change and not like any other class. I feel it motivated me to do better and always keep my head up. If I could take this class for the rest of high school, I would. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about the things in our lives such as school, drugs, alcohol, and anything else that needed to be discussed.

—Santa Barbara, CA

RY was a good class. And I’m happy I took it. Getting close to everyone and being so open made me feel so good.

—Chicago, IL

Something I enjoyed most about RY was . . . being able to be real and not be afraid or ashamed to speak my mind.

—Santa Barbara, CA

Before joining RY, without a doubt I was probably one of the laziest people you know. . . . Wasn’t willing to be held responsible for my own actions. . . . I got my GPA high enough so that I was able to be accepted to Oregon State University for a football scholarship.

—Tulare Co., CA
I think CAST is great because it’s really helping me make good choices, and I know I can get support from the other people in the group if I need help!
—Hannibal, MO

This class made me realize how much pot I had been smoking. I have cut back on my use a lot. I get to school on time. I plan on graduating on time too.

—Frisco, CO