What makes RY and CAST work (keys to success)?

We think the Reconnecting Youth and CAST Programs work for a lot of reasons! But if pushed to pick the top four reasons why these evidence-based programs work, we’d choose these:

  1. The Leader! If your RY or CAST Teacher/Facilitator is a caring, engaged and supportive adult who is passionate about youth and program fidelity, you should have a successful program.
  2. Positive Peer Culture! The youth invited to be in RY and CAST have a job and agree to it; they are all there to support one another, regardless of their differences or their diverse personal goals. Each youth brings strengths to share with the other group members.
  3. Skills Training! RY and CAST aren’t rap groups. And they’re not counseling groups. They are life skills training courses. Youth learn and practice skills in each session that they apply daily to their real-life situations. These life skills benefit the RY and CAST youth well into their adult lives.
  4. Developer-sponsored Training! Our trainings are engaging, interactive and practice-focused.