With our masters-level training team bringing decades of experience teaching adults how to engage and build trusting relationships with youth, we’d love to support your efforts at developing adult allies in your district. Our shared focus must be on building the capacity of our young people to eventually lead.

Adult Allies:

  • Acknowledge and push aside any biases that they may have so that they enter into a partnership with an open mind

  • Move from the traditional ‘adult-as-mentor’ role to an ‘adult-as-partner’ role

  • Support youth to have ownership of a project and to take the project to new levels

  • Do not impose their judgments or ideas

  • Share power and accountability for success and failure. An adult ally is the adult half of a youth-adult partnership

What is a Youth-Adult Partnership?

A youth-adult partnership results when youth and adults work together as a team to make decisions that affect their lives. Both adults and youth have the opportunity to make suggestions, decisions, and recommendations.

  • So, how do we teach adult allies to provide encouragement (rather than dictate the process)?

  • What motivates youth to apply practical skills in their most challenging situations?

  • How do we create safe spaces where youth are willing, if not eager, to share their perspective?

We Provide the Following Workshops:

  • Leader Role Continuum – From Observer to Coach: Staying Fluid in your Leadership Roles

  • Trust Building Behaviors – Developing Positive, Supporting Relationships

  • Reversing Responsibility – The Transformative Power of Shared Ownership, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving

Check the Training Schedule to view and register for scheduled events or contact us to schedule your own online training or workshop.