CAST for Today’s Student Athletes

Coach-To-Athlete Trainings that Model Respect & Promote Healthy Relationships

CAST for Today’s Student Athletes

Coping and Support Training (CAST) provides a foundation for coaches and student athletes by building relationships, bolstering school attendance and achievement, discouraging substance use and developing skills to manage moods. CAST reinforces a variety of coping skills and teaches students to identify stressors and practice healthy responses.

Athletic coaches (including Coaches, Athletic Directors, Cheer Coaches, and others in athletic leadership positions) play an extremely influential role in the lives of student athletes. Because of these relationships, coaches are poised to positively influence how young men and women think and behave, both on and off the field.

CAST is carefully aligned with both Coaching Boys into Men and Athletes as Leaders, two national programs that prepare coaches and athletic program directors to use their positive influence to build character, promote healthy relationships, and prevent dating violence in middle and high school-aged male and female athletes.

Contact us to bring one or both of these programs for Today’s Student Athletes to your team or school.

Athletes As Leaders

Athletes As Leaders is a program for high school athletes on girls’ sports teams. The program aims to empower student athletes to take an active role in promoting healthy relationships and ending sexual violence. Athletes are encouraged to be leaders in changing social norms at school (and beyond) to a culture of safety and respect.

Coaching Boys Into Men

The Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) curriculum consists of a series of coach-to-athlete trainings that illustrate ways to model respect and promote healthy relationships. The CBIM card series instructs coaches for boys’ sports teams on how to incorporate themes associated with teamwork, integrity, fair play, and respect into their daily practice and routine.

RYSE UP Leadership

Reconnecting Youth Student Engagement (RYSE) UP Leadership transforms the well-being of students both mentally and physically. Sports teams and physical education programs combined teach relationship-building and self-management skills, making it natural for social and emotional learning to take place.

We provide sports teams, fitness programs, academic support, enrichment and inclusion opportunities to help schools, K-12 students, families, and communities. RYSE offers physical education and social and emotional learning that follows The Crosswalk for SHAPE America National Standards and CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies.