Program Evaluation

To achieve program goals, evidence-based programs need to be implemented as designed. This is called implementation fidelity. Our Program Trainings play a key role in fidelity implementation, enabling you to get the best student outcomes. In fact,

  • Sharing your Program outcomes with stakeholders can lead to future funding and program sustainability.

  • Evaluation data can also be used to improve your services, leading to even better outcomes for youth!
  • Sometimes you (or your stakeholders) just want to know: “Sure it worked for [others], but how well did it work here, in our community?”

How do we measure student outcomes?

We offer a FREE online Pre/Post Survey to all trained Facilitators to measure your Reconnecting Youth (RY) or CAST participants’ progress. 

If you haven’t already, just reach out to add your site to the survey.

Then, after each class/group ends, we’ll send you your raw data (or analyze it for you, for a small fee). Of course, we’ll never include personally identifying information about specific students and all student responses are completely anonymous.

Where do I access the online Pre/Post Surveys?

You’ll find the Reconnecting Youth and CAST Program Survey links on our Training Portal, in the Media Library.