CAST Curriculum Kit
(Essentials + Digital)


Required at the Facilitator Training. Please order ahead.

What’s included?

The CAST Curriculum Kit (Essentials + Digital) now comes with all the basics to get you started delivering the CAST Program.

Please note: some in-house printing will be required.

  • The CAST Leader Guide: 12 detailed, interactive lesson plans
  • One CAST Student Notebook (paperback)
  • 11 essential posters and teaching aids (printed)
  • 79 digital teaching aids (delivered digitally)
  • NEW! Access to online pre/post evaluation surveys

A Curriculum Kit is required at the Facilitator Training and must be purchased separately from the Training. The CAST Curriculum Kit has been updated in 2020, and now comes with digital and printed tools to aid in program delivery in any setting: virtual, in-person, or blended.

Also Available in Full Print.

Verified Testimonials

“CAST offers just what we have been looking for in a prevention program for our at-risk students. It is science-based and brief with proven success!”
—CAST Facilitator, Camrose, ALB

“An awesome tool for helping kids. Well presented, fabulous job! The [CAST] curriculum has great structure, activities, themes, and use of support teaching.”
—Seattle, WA