CAST Pro Facilitator
License – Recertification


After the training year, recertify your prevention providers as CAST Pro Facilitators License with another annual subscription to the Learning Portal and all of the associated resources. Gain immediate access to automatic updates to materials and the Media Library, free webinars, event announcements and more. Recertification serves as a Training Booster to minimize “drift” from implementation fidelity.

Verified Testimonials

“I love how the [CAST] program is set up. It takes the guesswork out of it. Love how it is designed so that the Materials (e.g., posters) can be used over and over.”
—Box Elder, MT

“[CAST] is a wonderful tool for the district. The curriculum is very thorough and self-explanatory.”
—Administrator, Philadelphia, PA

“CAST offers just what we have been looking for in a prevention program for our at-risk students. It is science-based and brief with proven success!”
—CAST Facilitator, Camrose, ALB

“An awesome tool for helping kids. Well presented, fabulous job! The [CAST] curriculum has great structure, activities, themes, and use of support teaching.”
—Seattle, WA