Family Engagement Program Training


Join us for a 5-hour live online advanced training to learn how to implement this long-awaited partner program to Reconnecting Youth & CAST!

This training will teach Family Engagement Facilitators to:

  • Recruit parents and guardians to the Family Engagement group meetings.
  • Conduct meetings in person or virtually with these important adults.
  • Utilize numerous program resources, including activity worksheets, slides, and meeting evaluation forms.
  • Instill hope and confidence in the families of RY and CAST teens.

Included Materials:

This interactive training includes a curriculum set and practical application exercises. Each participant will receive a Virtual Binder including the research foundation for each session topic, individual and group activity worksheets, “homework” assignments, references and useful resources, logs for staff interaction with families, a class evaluation form and more.

A family-centered, trauma-informed intervention, the Family Engagement Program is designed to engage the parents, guardians or caregivers of your RY and CAST Program youth. Through four parent group sessions, these important adults learn skills to support their students in:

  • Mood Management
  • Drug-Use Control, and
  • Improving School Performance

This research-based program outlines the important combination of speaking up, listening, expressing feelings, building self-esteem, and offering needed support. This strength-based model can substantially boost the outcomes of your RY or CAST Program, by instilling support in the home environment for all of the hard work the teens are doing in group.