CAST Coordinator


Join us for this 4- to 5-hour advanced webinar, presented in two engaging modules.

Coordinator Training covers how to:

  • Use program-specific coding and supervision tools
  • Give and receive feedback related to classroom instruction
  • Build community partnerships and infrastructure
  • Identify, select and recruit youth participants
  • Anticipate and respond to common challenges to program fidelity
  • Utilize process evaluation tools to provide data-based guidance to your team

(Note: Successful completion of the CAST Facilitator Training is required prior to CAST Coordinator Training)

Prerequisite Training

CAST Facilitator Training

A Coordinator should be assigned to supervise your Facilitator(s) and support your program to ensure implementation fidelity. The CAST Coordinator Training prepares participants for important supportive tasks related to building infrastructure, coaching, supervision, and sustaining programming. Successful completion of the CAST Facilitator Training is a prerequisite for participation in the Coordinator Training. If you are a “team of one”, then you should complete both the Facilitator and Coordinator Trainings.