RY Pro Facilitator
License – Recertification


After the training year, recertify your prevention providers as RY Pro Facilitators License with another annual subscription to the Learning Portal and all of the associated resources. Gain immediate access to automatic updates to materials and the Media Library, free webinars, event announcements and more. Recertification serves as a Training Booster to minimize “drift” from implementation fidelity.

Verified Testimonials

“Without this [training] I don’t feel that we would be nearly as ready to implement the program…Very necessary!”
—Augusta, ME

“We love RY and have implemented it successfully since January 2010. We run two classes each semester, and we hold graduation at the end of each semester. Some of the students speak–it’s very inspirational!”
—RY Coordinator, West Springfield, MA

“The training activities were very specific and transferable to the classroom. I learned so much! It also helped with peer bonding (with colleagues).”
—So. St. Paul, MN